Woodlands for Sale in South East England

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Wren Wood 7⅓ acres | £47,000 Freehold

Description:  Oak, birch, sweet chestnut and ash in a winsome combination as a compact rectangle by open green fields to one side and woodland to the others. Once part of…

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Flourish Wood - Sold About 4 acres | £43,000 Freehold

Description  Flourish Wood lies on the western side of a small valley.

Set on a gentle slope a mass of bluebells cover the higher area where in spring the azure…

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Rais Wood - Sold About 5½ acres | £48,000 Freehold

Description  A unique woodland set well down a private lane on the west side of a small valley. The eastern boundary is formed by the stream flowing gently southwards to…

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Ridings Copse - Sold About 11 acres | £79,000 Freehold

A rare opportunity to acquire an attractive broadleaf woodland in an area where woodlands are traditionally hard to find. Two linked triangular shaped woodlands of differing character: the northern area…

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Tanhouse Wood - Sold About 2½ acres | £25,000 Freehold

Tall straight ash, from coppice origin, with oaks by their side, tower over the hazel coppice below and under this a mass of bluebells provide the welcome azure haze of spring. A…

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Barrow Wood - Sold Almost 4¼ acres | £38,000 Freehold

 An attractive mixed woodland of Lawsons cypress, Norway spruce with oak, ash, cherry, hazel and willow. At the northern end is an area of poplar, evenly spaced standing tall and straight, lots…

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Burnt House Wood - Sold Over 17 acres | £140,000 Freehold

Burnt House Wood lies on a gentle south facing slope and is set behind a small stream-sided meadow. Light from the sunny south filters down through the high trees and…

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