Coed Lloc (Enclosure Wood) - Sold

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Guide price: £44,000 - Freehold
Size: About 6¼ acres

Location: Llawhaden, Narberth, Pembrokeshire
OS Landranger: 158
Grid ref: SN 075 182
Nearest post code: SA67 8DJ

Contact: Sandra Colley
Phone: 07388 057 446
Email: [email protected]

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Description: Coed Lloc or Enclosure Wood is a rather surprising wood. At first it seems a little impenetrable, sloping up on the right hand and the steep slopes of the hill fort to the left, but as you make your way ahead into the middle of the wood you find yourself immersed in the quiet conifers, soft needles underfoot and the ground curving around and opening up into a wide natural bowl sheltering on all sides. Spaces open up between the trees and a clearing has been created here in the centre with a beautiful simple shelter, built with larch logs from the wood: the perfect hide away from the busy world.

As the ground starts to slope up gently towards the back of the bowl you find more variety of tree species with oak, ash and holly growing well and widely spaced towards the north-western fenced boundary which adjoins fields. Turning to your left towards the southern/south-western boundary marked by a fence line, behind which you can see the ramparts of the hill fort, Holgan Camp, rising up and following this boundary back towards the parking area the slope becomes steeper and steeper until you come down to where the stream emerges out of its natural source in the ground - a fabulous boggy habitat, great for damp loving woodland plants and of great attraction to all manner of wildlife - bird, mammal and insect.

Across the bowl on the opposite side of the wood, at the northern boundary there's a large area of youngish ash interspersed with cherry with its distinctive coppery bark. This boundary is also fenced and opens onto fields.

You may think this is all Coed Lloc has to offer but if you work your way along the narrow section of woodland which overlooks the stoned parking area, the ground levels out and you find yourself in a large area of old oak coppice stools. This valuable resource could of course be coppiced again. All of the woodland to the south-east of the parking area is designated as PAWS or Plantation on an Ancient Woodland Site.

Access: Coed Lloc is accessed over a track that runs from the roadside gate to the parking area at the edge of the wood.

Public access: The main access track is a public footpath, but there are no public footpaths in the wood itself, nor any other rights of public access.  

Sporting rights: Included.

Mineral rights: Included, except as reserved by statute.

Local area and history:  The lovely market town of Narberth is approximately 5 miles away with many independent shops, cafes and pubs and the famous coastline of Pembrokeshire is within half an hour's drive in most directions. Within walking distance is the 12th Century bishops palace Llawhaden Castle, also visible from the track looking through the trees to the ridge opposite.

Boundaries:  The north, north-western and north-eastern/eastern boundaries adjoining fields are all fenced. The main access track makes up most of the rest of the boundary, with a section through woodland marked with stakes. The boundaries to Coed LLoc are further marked with mauve paint, but the markings are a little faded now.

There is a single parking area serving both Coed Lloc and the adjoining woodland, Coed Bryngaer, but half of the parking area belongs to each of the woods.

SPHN and Felling licence : A Statutory Plant Health Notice has been issued for this wood, as the larch is infected with Phytophthora Ramorum. A felling licence is in place for felling the larch (valid until January 2022), but only a small proportion of the larch has been felled so far. The restocking requirement on the felling licence is for oak, birch, and hazel to be planted by June 2024.

Covenant: in common with the neighbouring woodlands, there is a covenant designed to ensure that all can have quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their woodland.

Photographs: were taken in Autumn 2015 and December 2020.

VIEWING: You are welcome to visit this wood by yourself, but PLEASE REGISTER WITH US by phone or email before viewing.  Please ensure that you have a copy of these sales details with you: we recommend either printing the details or downloading them to your phone/tablet/laptop before you go. Please take care when viewing as the great outdoors can contain unexpected hazards and woodlands are no exception.

Please park near the entrance (without obstructing access to the woodland), or at the layby a little further up the road, and walk the rest of the way to the wood. (do not drive in, even if the gate is open, as it may be locked at any time!)


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Take the A40 westwards from Carmarthen towards Narberth, bypassing St Clears and Whitland.

Approximately 5 miles past Whitland turn right onto the B4313.

Follow this road for 1 mile and then turn left, signposted to Llawhaden.

Stay on this minor road for 1 mile, crossing the bridge.

Once over the bridge, turn right and continue through Holgan hamlet.

Soon you will see the gated entrance to the woodland on your left, a large Woodlands for Sale sign just after the turning. There is a lay-by about 200 yards further up the road where you can park when viewing to avoid blocking the gate.

  • Best postcode for Satnav: SA67 8DJ (before you reach the wood, down the hill towards Llawhaden)
  • Coordinates for Satnav:     51.82893,-4.789229  (Main entrance gate)

Follow the track through the woodland on foot. As the track hairpin bends to the left you will see the entrance to Coed Lloc on your right. There is a ridestop and wooden name board at the entrance to the shared parking area.

Please note: the particulars with plans, maps, descriptions and measurements are for reference only and although carefully checked we cannot guarantee their accuracy and do not form part of any contract. Any intending purchasers must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to the correctness of these particulars.